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ESW-M6 Subwoofer
The ESW-M6 subwoofer delivers deep, accurate effects and music, with up to 800 watts of room-filling power, from an 8-inch cube that's the smallest we make. Plus, it works with a number of speakers in the Energy line, letting you put together a system you
  • Cool high-gloss black finish

  • 6-inch anodized aluminum cone woofer and two 6-inch passive radiators
  • Ribbed Elliptical Surrounds bring pure power to music and movie effects
The Lowdown
The powerful ESW-M6 uncovers what you've probably missed befor...deeper, cleaner bass. Plus, with its incredibly small size, you might not notice it - until you crank it up.

A built-in amplifier allows this hard-hitter to deliver 800 watts of peak power you'll feel as well as hear. The ESW-M6, with its cool gloss black finish, matches many of our speaker lines and looks great next to any flat panel display.
System Type    Single active, dual passive
Frequency Response    42Hz-200Hz 3dB
Variable Low Pass Filter    50Hz-200Hz, bypass
Dimensions    8" (20cm) H x 8" (20cm) W x 8" (20cm) D
Variable Phase Control    0 - 360
Power Mode Switch    Off / Auto / On
Inputs    L + R Line in/Sub in
Max Driver Excursion    104dB @ 42Hz, ground plane, 1M
Amplifier Power Output    800 Watts
Weight    10.1 lbs / 4.6 kg
Finish    High gloss black
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