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Energy Unveils All-New Indoor and Outdoor Audio Solutions at CES

INDIANAPOLIS (January 8, 2013) — Energy, a Klipsch Group, Inc. brand and industry leader in audio engineering and development, announces today the introduction of the Energy Power® Base and Energy Take Classic I/O Series. In addition to enhancing the listening experience both indoors and outdoors, these audio solutions establish new, meaningful product categories for the brand to further diversify its offering.

Joining the Energy Power Bar, Power Bar Elite and Power Subwoofers, the Energy Power Base serves as the next addition to the brand's popular series for vastly improved television sound.

The Energy Power Base is a single-cabinet 2.1 audio solution that can be stationed under most flat-panels up to 40 inches, as well as on a cabinet or shelf underneath a wall-mounted television. Offering a two-way driver design, built-in subwoofers and 60 watts of system power, the Energy Power Base produces powerful and detailed sound in any environment and requires only a single connection with the accompanying television. A Dolby® Digital decoder, combined with both digital and analog inputs, also allows for quick setup for instant listening pleasure. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, the Energy Power Base doubles as a wireless music streaming system.

Making outdoor Energy sound a reality while delivering the trusted performance associated with the brand's renowned Energy Take Classic 5.1 home theater system, the Take Classic I/O Series grants enthusiasts the I/O 4 and I/O 5 speakers. As weatherproof speakers, both the I/O 4 and I/O 5 feature UV-treated cabinets, rust-resistant grills, mounting brackets and 5-way, gold- plated binding posts to withstand the elements for extended use. The Take Classic I/O 4 is an indoor/outdoor speaker with a 0.5-inch tweeter and a 4-inch woofer, while the Take Classic I/O 5 boasts a 1-inch tweeter and 5.25-inch woofer. With the addition of dual M6 threaded inserts, the versatility of the speakers is nearly limitless.

"More than ever, we are committed to perfecting each listening application with a simplified, high-performance solution," said Tommy Jacobs, director of customer development for Energy. "With these introductions, we are most looking forward to adding an additional, unique layer to our popular Energy Power Series as we simultaneously tap into the outdoor speaker market."

The Energy Take Classic I/O Series will be available in spring 2013, and the Energy Power Base in summer 2013.

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Established in 1973, Energy has long been a leader in audio research and development as well as in the engineering and manufacturing of speakers. By incorporating custom components and exclusive technologies in each of its designs, Energy takes a nonconformist attitude, delivering no-compromise, high-value speakers packed with pure performance. Energy is owned by Indianapolis, Indiana-based Klipsch Group, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX). To learn more about Energy, visit