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Energy Unveils Brand's Latest Soundbar,Subwoofer System

INDIANAPOLIS (May 14, 2013) — Energy, a Klipsch Group, Inc. brand and industry leader in audio engineering and development, announces today the launch of the Energy BTS 2.1. and wireless music system all in one that adds incredible value to the viewing and listening experience.

Known for their sonic accuracy and dramatic spatial reproduction of the live concert experience, the Energy BTS 2.1 enters the brand's prestigious speaker lineup for precise yet effortless sound. Featuring a world-class design and the latest in audio technology, the soundbar stays true to Energy sound principles and presents supreme flat on-axis frequency response and minimal levels of distortion and resonance.

Glossed with a satin black finish and complete with a 10-inch wired subwoofer, the BTS 2.1 soundbar emanates a modern look and serves as the ideal companion and necessary replacement for low-performing flat-screen speakers. The soundbar houses two 3-inch full range drivers that produce beautifully-detailed, high-quality resonances while 3D Surround Mode stimulates a true 5.1 home theatre experience with a mere touch of a button for impeccable sound at multiple listening positions.

Thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology, the BTS 2.1 soundbar doubles as a music system for playback of digitally-stored music. Once a listener turns on the Bluetooth feature on a smartphone, tablet or computer, the system is instantly ready stream music wirelessly. Additionally, the system's volume functions are programmable with an existing remote. The same options, plus bass output and more, can also be controlled with the included remote.

"The Energy BTS 2.1 bridges that gap between high-definition pictures saddled with low-performing sound," said Tommy Jacobs, regional vice president of sales for Klipsch Group. "We developed this product to drastically change the viewing and listening experience while also providing consumers the option of simulating a multi-speaker system."

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Established in 1973, Energy has long been a leader in audio research and development as well as in the engineering and manufacturing of speakers. By incorporating custom components and exclusive technologies in each of its designs, Energy takes a nonconformist attitude, delivering no-compromise, high-value speakers packed with pure performance. Energy is owned by Indianapolis, Indiana-based Klipsch Group, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX). To learn more about Energy, visit