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RC-LCR Center Speaker
The RC-LCR-it works like magic. Place it horizontally below your flat panel and it's the perfect center channel for movies and games. Place it upright and it rocks out as a left or right front speaker for music. What's the secret? An Energy exclusive diag
  • Place horizontally as center channel for powerful effects, clear dialogue

  • Vertical placement ideal for left/right front speakers
  • Sound matched to other Reference Connoisseur speakers
  • Black ash finish
The Lowdown
The RC-LCR disperses sound evenly. That what makes it works no matter where you use it - left, center or right. Its giant sound and great looks will make your home theater the center of attention.

Available in black ash, the compact wood grain cabinet can improve the looks - and sound - of any home theater.
System Type    Bass Reflex, Dual Rear Vented
Impedance    8 ohms nominal; 4 ohm minimum
Frequency Response    48Hz-23kHz +/- 3dB
Power Handling    up to 200 watts RMS
Dimensions    7.5" (19cm) H x 19.5" (49.5cm) W x 10.25" (27cm) D
Sensitivity    89dB
Useable Bass Response (-10db Anechoic)    42Hz
Components    1" Chambered Aluminum Dome Tweeter, Dual 2" Chambered aluminum cone midranges, Two 5.5" Kevlar Ribbed Elliptical Surround Woofers
Included Accessories    Port plugs, Rubber Bumpers
Crossover Point    600Hz, 2.5kHz
Weight    24.2 lbs / 11 kg
Finish    Black Ash Veneer
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