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Product Lines

From floorstanders to outdoor designs, every Energy speaker is born from no-compromise sound principles and backed by proven scientific research. They are high-value, nonconformist products that use custom components and exclusive technologies to deliver loud, powerful and pure performances.

Veritas Series
Veritas Speakers are the true essence of audiophile sound and timeless beauty. This premier flagship line offers movies and music aficionados the ultimate in audio quality, lasting value and unrivalled design. Aluminum tweeters ensure clear, accurate highs, while Veritas woofers, complete with patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround™, deliver tight and powerful bass. Boasting pristine high gloss piano black and piano rosenut finishes, each model features elegant cabinetry suitable for any decor. 

Reference Connoisseur® Series
Everything about Reference Connoisseur Series speakers echo sophistication. Meant for those who have discriminating tastes when it comes to both sound and style, these speakers excite every sensation. The entire series utilizes chambered hyperbolic aluminum dome tweeters and patented Ribbed Elliptical Surrounds coupled to Kevlar® cones, resulting in the highest levels of sonic accuracy and balance without sacrificing beauty and luxury.  

Connoisseur Series
The Connoisseur series has always been a favorite of movie and music lovers alike; this evolution now features exclusive Veritas technologies while reflecting Energy's goals: high quality materials, accurate, revealing sound and exceptional value.

Energy Power™ Series 
The Energy Power™ Series includes powered products that instantly upgrade your sound system without requiring a receiver. Just plug in and stand back. The power is undeniable.

EAS Series
EAS Series speakers, for in-wall and in-ceiling installation, work equally well for distributed audio or home theater use. They are designed to achieve the same quality, performance and durability as the Energy brand's traditional box speakers. Chambered hyperbolic aluminum dome tweeters blend perfectly with composite aluminum woofers, creating an extremely broad frequency response and wide dispersion. High frequency contour switches also make the series installer-friendly and customizable.

Take Classic System
An affordable, high-performance 5.1 home theater package, the Take Classic System builds on the success of the brand's Take 5, an award-winning product that Stereo Review once regarded as "the best-sounding home theater system under $1,000." Flaunting superior cabinets finished in high-gloss black, this setup employs several proprietary technologies, including Convergent Source Modules, for a dynamic frequency range and an expansive soundstage. And, it seems to be following in the footsteps of its predecessor. While Home Theater Sound gave the Take Classic System a Reviewer's Choice Award, Audioholics believes: "For such a modest set of speakers, they really sound great."

RC-Micro System
Raising our longstanding legacy in audio research and development to new levels of performance, the RC-Micro 5.1 and RC-Micro 5 Pack home theater systems combine high style and immense sound in a remarkably compact package. In fact, while the Take Classic System is considered small, this setup is tiny in comparison.

To some loudspeaker manufacturers, subwoofers are an afterthought. Not to us. The Energy brand has long been a leader in subwoofer technology. We invest a great deal of time and effort in delivering unrivaled low-frequency power, performance and clarity. From our tiny ESW-M6 to our most sophisticated ESW-V10, we make sure these beautiful heavy hitters, featuring patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology, exude bass you can hear and feel.