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Since 1973, the Energy® speaker brand has been dedicated to reproducing audiophile-quality sound performances that are powerful and accurate. In fact, the Canadian-based audio company has an unwavering history when it comes to the scientific research and development of loudspeaker engineering and manufacturing.    

The Canadian National Research Council (NRC) hosts a psycho-acoustic research study that's focused on understanding what measurable factors people equate with a good-sounding speaker. Canadian speaker manufacturers, including the Energy brand, participate in the NRC's study. Running from 1977 to 1986, this extensive program produced groundbreaking listening procedures and established the foundation for some of the world's finest loudspeaker products. 

On a quest to build the perfect speaker, Energy participates in the NRC study and develops the iconic Energy Pro 22 speaker, which becomes the benchmark for both the NRC and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The Pro 22 ends up being the longest running Energy design, evolving into the Connoisseur® speaker and then the Reference Connoisseur® 22 speaker.    

Wanting to improve upon its groundbreaking Pro 22 speaker, the Energy brand outshines itself with the launch of the Veritas® V2.8 speaker. Years of research, development and testing went into this speaker, making it one of the company's most intensive projects, as well as one of the best products in the brand's history. Everything, from the cabinet construction to the crossover, was designed from the ground up. Also, through this project, Energy introduces its exclusive Convergent Source Module (CSM) technology, a design that provides wide dispersion, low distortion and amazing midrange performance. This same year, the brand makes another big performance achievement with its Connoisseur® Series speakers. The line includes several technological improvements such as unique baffles for better damping, a quasi three-way tapered crossover for smooth power response and wider overall dispersion and a symmetrical t-pole for improved bass performance.

The company introduces its Take 5 home theater system. At the time, Stereo Review magazine regarded it as "the best-sounding home theater system under $1,000." The Take 5 ends up collecting over 20 awards in a three-year time span.

The company redesigns its Veritas® Series speakers, making them the latest evolution of the Energy brand's design philosophy. The line contains numerous technological advances, creating sonic benefits that had not been previously available to listeners. Every piece of material and technology was designed to reflect the company's core values: flat frequency response, wide dispersion and low distortion. From the dual voice coils to the revolutionary "faceted" cone designs, from the Convergent Source Modules to the phase plugs, these speakers, at the time, represented the most accurate sound reproduction the company had every created.   

The Energy brand redesigns its Veritas® i and Connoisseur® speakers. While the Connoisseur line receives a complete makeover, featuring several technological and material advancements, the Veritas Series speakers apply improved cosmetics and an all-new woofer design.

The Energy brand creates a quantum leap for driver performance with the invention of its Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology, a patented design that eliminates surround distortion and enables a woofer to play lower, with greater output and fidelity. Every forthcoming Energy brand product will incorporate this proprietary technology.

The Energy brand introduces two completely new product lines: Reference Connoisseur Mini Series speakers, or RC-Mini, and C-Series speakers. Both offer exceptional value and performance inside a wood cabinet; however, the RC-Mini speakers are poised to redefine the market, proving big, amazing sound can come in a small, sophisticated package. In August, Klipsch Group, Inc.—an Indianapolis, Indiana-based speaker manufacturer that, at the time, owned the Klipsch® and Jamo® speaker brands—acquires Audio Products International Corp., makers of the Energy® and Mirage® brands.

Building on the success of its award-winning Take 5 home theater system, Energy introduces an improved version called the Take Classic System, which quickly starts to earn praise from reviewers. The company also launches four new and powerful subwoofer models. While the ESW-10 and ESW-8 subwoofers offer exceptional value and performance, the ESW-V10 and ESW-V8 subwoofers take a more sophisticated approach, with high-style cosmetics and all premium materials.

In August, the Take Classic System becomes available for purchase at Circuit City, marking the first time the Energy brand has ever been sold through a national retailer. Just in time for the fall-selling season, the Energy brand introduces its smallest home theater system to date, the RC-Micro, along with two extremely small, yet powerful, subwoofers, the ESW-M8 and ESW-M6. The brand also gives its popular Connoisseur Series speakers an all-new, extremely stylish look. The refresh of the line also sets the stage for all future Energy products to include the company's exclusive Convergent Source Module.

In September, the Veritas Series is redesigned. Serving as the premier flagship line since its inception, Veritas speakers are known for their sonic accuracy and dramatic spatial reproduction of the live concert performance. Featuring a world-class design and innovative new audio technologies, the latest Veritas speakers stay true to Energy sound principles and present unrivaled flat on-axis frequency response and minimal levels of distortion and resonance. The latest series also features advanced high-definition crossover networks, improved woofers, new voicing and attractive, elegant wood cabinetry. All of the new Energy Veritas speakers feature one-inch pure aluminum tweeters to ensure clear, accurate highs for the most detailed listening experience. Woofers complete with Ribbed Elliptical Surround also work to deliver tight and powerful distortion-free low-frequency response. Available in a high gloss piano black and piano rosenut finish, each Veritas model conveys a timeless beauty that is ideal for any décor.

In September, the Energy Power™ Series is launched. The series includes powered products that instantly upgrade your sound system without requiring a receiver. The first product of the new series to launch is the Energy Power Bar, the brand's first-ever soundbar. Known for their sonic accuracy and dramatic spatial reproduction of the live concert performance, the Energy Power Bar enters the prestigious speaker lineup and helps diversify the brand's product offering for added audio solutions.