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Yesterday and Today

Since 1973, the Energy® brand—owned by Klipsch Group, Inc.—has been dedicated to reproducing sound in the most realistic way possible. In fact, the Canadian-based audio company has an unwavering history when it comes to the scientific research and development of speaker engineering and manufacturing.     

It all started with a pioneering psycho-acoustic research study hosted by the Canadian National Research Council (NRC) that ran from 1977 to 1986. This joint study between the NRC and select Canadian speaker manufacturers sought to determine what measurable factors people equate with a good-sounding loudspeaker. As it turned out, flat frequency response, wide dispersion and low distortion consistently scored high during listening trials.

At the time of the study, Energy was on a quest to build the perfect speaker. Its engineering team played an intricate role in the NRC and, in 1982, developed the iconic Pro 22 speaker. Because this product ingeniously addressed the three sound preferences uncovered during the listening trials, it became the benchmark for both the NRC and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Pro 22 can even be considered the best-selling Canadian loudspeaker of all time (its design eventually evolved into the Connoisseur 22, and then the Reference Connoisseur 22). That's why flat frequency response, wide dispersion and low distortion have—and always will be—the driving forces behind the Energy speaker brand's pure sound.         

Wide dispersion means that sound radiates evenly from the speaker, creating a larger soundstage. While no speaker is completely devoid of resonance, Energy products cut unwanted distortion for clearer, easier listening. Flat frequency response makes it possible for Energy speakers to reproduce the entire audio range in a uniform manner.

However, you'll find there's more to the Energy brand than just these three sound principles. The company's top-notch engineers and designers persistently work and re-work the most modern materials and testing equipment, ensuring consumers always have access to the most affordable, up-to-date audiophile-quality performances on the market.