Energy : Veritas : V-Mini-2-1
V-Mini 2.1 Home Theater System
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Proving that great things do in fact come in small packages, the V-Mini 2.1 home theater system offers listeners professional cinema sound from only three components.
  • (2) V-Mini Bookshelf Speakers

  • (1) V-SW10 Subwoofer

Comprised of five speakers - left and right main speakers, a center channel speaker, left and right surround speakers and a subwoofer for deep-reaching bass - the 5.1 Energy home theater system will envelop you in high-performance sound. By combining the Veritas speakers, listening experiences are transformed into unforgettable, powerful and emotional moments.

The true essence of audiophile sound, this system offers movie and music aficionados the ultimate in audio quality, lasting value and unrivalled design.



Bookshelf Speaker