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RC-70 Tower Speaker
You don't have to be a connoisseur to know these speakers rock-that happens the moment you hear them. These speakers are pure power, pure style-and Pure Energy.

The Lowdown

The RC-70 flat-out performs, whether you're blasting metal, chilling to something a bit mellower or hanging on the edge of your seat, wrapped up in a movie or game. These beauties are a treat for your eyes as well as your ears, with two different finishes and a style that draws compliments without dominating the room.

Pop the grille and what you see is Pure Energy: from the crystal-clear 1-inch dome tweeter to the 6.5-inch Kevlar (TM) woofers and 5.5-inch midrange; with enough power to slam you back in your chair, the RC-70s are precision engineered to blow the competition away. Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology cuts distortion, so all you hear is audio the way it was meant to sound!

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