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V-SW10 Subwoofer



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They say never judge a book by its cover, and the same motto applies to the V-SW10 subwoofer. It may look pretty, but this hard-hitter brings the heat for maximum impact.
  • High gloss black finish

  • Extensive bass from a 10-inch woven composite Fiberglass cone with patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround

The Lowdown

The V-SW10 performs to perfection and creates tight musical bass you can feel - no matter which seat you choose. As it elevates your beloved music and movies to their full potential, this subwoofer complements each Veritas speaker and is a noteworthy addition for the ultimate home theater experience.

Amplifier Power Output    300 watts RMS, 1200 watts dynamic
System Type    10" 300 watt powered subwoofer, 110v
Impedance    8 ohms nominal; 4 ohms minimum
Frequency Response    23Hz-120Hz 3dB
Variable Low Pass Filter    40Hz-120Hz @ 18dB/octave
Variable Phase Control    -180to +180
Power Mode Switch    On/Auto/Off
Inputs    Line in/sub in & speaker level in
Woofer    10" (25.4 cm) woven composite Fiberglas? cone with patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround
Voice Coil Diameter    2" (5.08 cm)
Crossover Filter Switch    Active / Bypass
Weight    40 lbs / 18.2 kg
Finish    Piano Black

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