Energy : Home Theater Systems : TK-CLASSIC-2-PACK
Take Classic 2 Pack Satellite Speakers
Take Classic is a no-compromise collection of high-tech components with all our best stuff packed inside great looking high-gloss black cabinets.
  • Packaged 2 pack satellite speakers

  • Compact speakers look great with contemporary flat panels
  • High-gloss black finish has high-tech look
  • Features our patented Convergent Source Module (CSM) 3-inch poly-titanium woofer and .75-inch hyperbolic aluminum-dome tweeter
  • Ribbed Elliptical Surround woofers create high efficiency, low distortion
  • An aluminum dome tweeter for sonic accuracy

We picked the best of Energy's technologies' so Take Classic can fill your room with hair-rising effects and theater-like sound: hyperbolic aluminum dome tweeters for screaming highs, and convergent Source Modules for clear, crisp dialogue. Keyhole slots, threaded inserts and rubber bumpers let you choose how and where to place your speakers.

Take Classic components were developed with Energy's principles in mind:

Flat On-Axis Frequency Response with Wide Bandwidth: Speakers should reproduce the entire audio range in a uniform manner. By ensuring that no one frequency dominates any other, Energy ensures that every note is the way it was intended to be-and the sound as natural as possible.

Wide and Constant Dispersion: Sound at all frequencies radiating from the speaker should be in an even pattern, in all directions throughout the room.

Low Distortion and Resonance: speaker system is distortion- or resonance-free, but Energy has achieved a significantly lower distortion level, a clearly audible improvement.

System Type    Magnetically Shielded Bass Reflex with Rear Firing Port
Impedance    8-ohm compatible
Frequency Response    115Hz - 20KHz
Total Peak Power    100 Watts
Dimensions    6.88" (169mm) H x 4.12" (105mm) W x 4.125" (105mm) D
Sensitivity    89 dB
Tweeter    .75" (19 mm) Hyperbolic aluminum-dome tweeter
Mounting Options    Built-in keyhole slot and threaded insert (1/4" - 20 TPI)
Woofer    3" (7.6 cm) poly-titanium
Amplifier Power Output    20 - 100 Watts RMS (Continous)
Crossover Point    2.9 kHz
Weight    2.9 lb / 1.32 kg
Finish    High Gloss Black
Input/Output Connectors    Mini 5-Way Binding Posts